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Finding the right consultancy to fulfil your legal requirements can be like finding a needle in a haystack, but with Compare 2 Comply it has never been easier.

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How it works?


1. Post your requirements today

Whether you require Consultancy, Training, Industry Specialists or Safety Equipment, post your requirements and we will match you with the perfect members for your job at the very best prices.


2. Members respond instantly

Once you have posted your job, we will use our ‘FT System Computer’ to find the perfect members in your area to deliver your project at the very best price, within your timescale and who match your organisation’s personality.


3. Review & Choose

Browse the competitive quotations, feedback, accreditations and member summaries, then choose who you wish to share your details with in order to finalise the contract.


About Our Members

Compare 2 Comply runs strict background checks on consultancies before they can become members. Once they join, members agree to have feedback from their customers put online for all to see. We’ve published 146,328 to date.

See our FAQs for our process on how we publish our feedback. Members promise to meet The Compare 2 Comply Standard.

Why use Compare 2 Comply?


Thousands of reviews

Our members receive feedback after each and every job, and we put the reviews on their profiles for all to see. We’ve published approximately 145,000 reviews to date.

Free to use

Compare 2 Comply is a completely free service, and you can see our client’s contact information straight away. We don’t charge you a penny.



Fulfil your compliance requirements from our extensive UK wide database.

Our current campaign:

We have created a brand-new advert to bring focus to and highlight the advantages of using Compare 2 Comply in order to save time and more importantly in this current climate, save money!

The campaign was specifically designed to communicate that whilst there are many ways to find a consultancy, training provider or supplier, there has never been a quicker way to find all of your compliance needs and compare the very best prices and reviews all in one place.

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