About C2C

About C2C

Carefully selected Members

We’re picky at Compare 2 Comply and turn down over a third of businesses who apply to join. We evaluate each one to assess whether they meet our high standards, because our reputation is only as good as our members.

Sophisticated Super Computer

Sophisticated Super Computer

After you post a job, our highly sophisticated system identifies and alerts relevant members, who can then express interest in your job. You review interested members by reading their profiles, work history and feedback. Contact details are exchanged only when you say so.

Accountability through feedback

Once a job is in progress, a bit of accountability goes a long way. Compare 2 Comply’s feedback system ensures that members are rewarded for good work and also held accountable for any problems. Our members relish the opportunity to build an outstanding reputation on Compare 2 Comply, and your feedback makes that possible.

Accountability through feedback


C2C is the perfect site to find good reliable Consultancies. It’s an easy site to use and I’ve found great organisations. I certainly will use C2C again and I most certainly would recommend this site.

Fantastic site. I no longer have to spend hours trawling through phone books or the internet trying to find a reliable Contractor. I am very impressed and will be recommending Compare 2 Comply to everyone.

Compare 2 Comply takes the worry, stress and uncertainty out of hiring the right people for our company needs. The feedback system encourages clear communication and rewards professionalism.


We help companies choose great Suppliers and consultancies, and we help great members succeed

There are plenty of consultancies out there, but finding a good one is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

At Compare 2 Comply, we take the hassle out of finding the right consultancy with our unique matchmaking system.

Once your job is posted, we alert relevant members and those interested get put on the shortlist.

You see full work history and customer feedback comments, helping you choose the best organisations for your job.

And if you think life is any easier for consultancies looking for work, think again.

Finding clients can seem like an impossible task and traditional advertising and directories almost never works.

The members need to focus on doing great work for their customers, without having to worry about where the next job will come from.

Compare 2 Comply’s feedback system means that today’s client helps Compare 2 Comply’s members win tomorrow’s work.

Our current campaign:

We have created a brand-new advert to bring focus to and highlight the advantages of using Compare 2 Comply in order to save time and more importantly in this current climate, save money!

The campaign was specifically designed to communicate that whilst there are many ways to find a consultancy, training provider or supplier, there has never been a quicker way to find all of your compliance needs and compare the very best prices and reviews all in one place.

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